Quarantine Life, 2020

Quarantine Life is a daily art project reflecting on my personal experience during shelter-in-place. Each drawing refers to something I witnessed, felt, experienced, or thought about when in lockdown. This project is ongoing and will continues as the stay-at-home orders persist. Upon completion of this project, works will be showcased in several large grids replicating the structure of a monthly calendar. My goal is to use this project as a visual dairy of this time of uncertainty when in collective isolation.

“You’ll see shopping receipts, a discarded face mask on the sidewalk, sweet potatoes that are growing sprouts, a coronavirus rendering, and the well-organized, color-coded inside of her closet. Her goal is to track the days, she said, and her stack of drawings is growing taller and taller.”

— Deborah Fallows, The Atlantic

PRESS: The Atlantic, LA Weekly, Magnetic Magazine, USC News