Great Pause Project

“Gribble quotes Nina Simone’s idea that “an artist’s duty to reflect the times,” as it relates not only to the COVID-19 experience, but as a sentiment echoed in the experience-driven, technology-forward, collaborative realignment across these intersecting projects. The idea behind all of it is actually at its core quite simple — that this is a story to be written by every voice.”

— Shana Nys Dambrot, LA Weekly

Great Pause Project is an open-source record of images + written reflections of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are a creative and multidisciplinary team developing a repository of the COVID-19 experience. As experts collect information worldwide, we are building a database for creative expression. Great Pause Project is entirely open source, available to a global community to reflect, share and document this unprecedented time. Great Pause Project is initiated by artists Isabel Beavers, Richelle Gribble and Elena Soterakis. Special thanks to Arch Mission Foundation.