Inploration: Looking Within

Inploration: Looking Within is comprised of twenty-four original stereoscope cards co-created with designer Lawrence Azerrad. These stereographs consist of two nearly identical photographs paired to produce the illusion of a single three-dimensional image when viewed through a stereoscope. The contents on the stereoscope visual cards include images of hand-painted and digitally crafted collages featuring subject matter that reflects the micro to macro scales, ranging from scenes both on and off Earth.

Viewers are invited to look through the stereoscope lens which creates a 3D image. We encourage guests to consider exploration as we venture to the skies, but also a process we coined called “inploration,” venturing inside of oneself to reflect on one’s relationship to the cosmos. By venturing out into further distances, we venture further within. As astronaut Nicholas Patrick describes during spaceflight, “the further out I traveled, the closer I felt to home.”

As this artwork flew to space, it is a symbol for the possibilities of space travel to expand who we become, shifting our external and international experience. This artwork was part of the Relativity Space payload which was also interpreted in a VR gallery experience.