“We wanted a space that looked like the future, and blended creativity and science. We have several fine-art pieces in the office, along with futuristic LED lighting and large desks for each engineer. Our goal is to 3D print and automate rockets with robotics, and take a totally new approach to building the future of humanity in space. Our office is inspired by this mission. ”

— Tim Ellis, CEO at Relativity Space

Relativity Space is a VC-backed startup reimagining the way orbital rockets are built and flown. Relativity is based in Los Angeles and recently acquired two large mixed media pieces Overview and Linked by Richelle Gribble as the centerpiece to their office. The artworks help establish Relativity’s brand as merging rockets, space, technology, and nature in a more organic, creative, iconic new approach to exploring Earth and the solar system.

Overview and Linked are large-scale, mixed media paintings inspired by the networks which shape and connect our planet. Inspired by author Frank White’s concept of the “overview effect,” these works aim to create a renewed sensation of viewing Earth as if from space to more clearly see our interconnectivity from a new perspective. By merging biological, technological, and social systems across micro and macro timescales, Overview and Linked suggest we are evolving towards hive-like connectivity within a complex planetary society.

Inspired by the evolution of aeronautics in nature, Spiral Dynamics: Flight of the Maple Seed mimics the captivating spiral flight path of a falling winged seed. This large-scale kinetic steel sculpture is based on the shape and design of a real maple seed. Each seed wing reflects the spiral pattern that emerges when a seed takes flight, referencing biomimicry used in early aviation. This large-scale kinetic sculpture was co-created with the Beyond Earth artist collective.