The Biosphere 2 is an experimental apparatus housing seven model ecosystems with active research about sustainable living. It contains a tropical forest, ocean, upper savanna, coastal fog desert, and human habitat. A vast network of machinery beneath the ecosystems known as the “technosphere” regulates temperature, ocean currents, rainfall, data collection, communications and more.

What I find most appealing about Biosphere 2, is that it proves just how difficult it is to replicate Earth’s systems. We underestimate the complex interplay of biological, geological, atmospheric, technological, and social facets that make life possible. It took billions of years to evolve these complex and connected systems, after all!

While enclosed within the Biosphere 2, I made a series of puzzles that connected biomes together. Each puzzle piece depicted nature as well as intricate technologies that regulate the facility to maintain life. These puzzles revealed that nature and technology are required to restore and sustain balance within the Biosphere 2.