“Selected works in exhibition include playful collages, books, and encaustics that promote wonder, curiosity, and discovery.”

— Kay Wood, Lynnwood Arts Commissioner

WO/ANDER combines natural, technological, social, and material content to form a visual grid conveying a sense of wonderment and whimsy as a mixed-media wall installation. Alternating between notions of the fantastical and reality, which includes both physical and psychological forms, WO/ANDER celebrates the limitlessness of exploration. This work combines collage, hand-painted wax, and drawn elements to blend fragments of information into fictional narratives. Each storyline becomes a testament to an impossible, yet recognizable environment: whether traveling deep into star-like electrons of the human body or expanding outward as an astronaut floating in space, each work encapsulates an adventure.

Our experience comprises various information inputs for our comprehension of reality. We take in sensations of our surroundings, undergo cognitive processes to filter information, and generate meaning through perspective to digest what we see and experience. This series marvels at the playfulness of imagination while simultaneously piecing together what is actually seen and real.  As we wander, we wonder, discovering awe by experiencing limitless possibilities in our inner and outer worlds.