Tokyo Creation Festival
February 1 - July 14, 2022

Exploring the ultimate sense of the essence and possibilities of nature and life. The “Nature” area, examines life itself and is lined with works that make full use of biotechnology, where innovative ideas and works that develop and expand the human-centered digital society into the biological world on Earth and in space.

Differential Ontology
June 12, 2021 — July 10, 2021

Wonzimer is thrilled to present Differential Ontology, an exhibition that investigates how the sense of self is constituted by complex relations with otherness, thus questioning any view of an ego that is unalloyed and self-contained.

San Luis Obispo Museum of Art
May 7, 2021 — August 7, 2021
San Luis Obispo Museum of Art

Atmospheres Deep is a multimedia group exhibition presented by SUPERCOLLIDER at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art. This curation examines coastal regions above and below the ocean’s surface to emulate these atmospheres and uncover human impact on the ocean—a vast region of multi-species cohabitation.

Off World: Arctic Origins
April 16, 2021 — June 1, 2021
Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES)

Off-World: Arctic Origins’ is an exhibition that uses the site of the Arctic Wilderness to consider human and non-human roles in exploring the red planet Mars. The exhibition originally premiered during an analogue mission on Mars at the Hawai’i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) and has been expanded and re-iterated into a virtual exhibition for ReFest.

Museum of Design Atlanta
April 9, 2021 — June 19, 2021
New Art City

An exhibition that examine the power of music to strengthen individual relationships and build community — and the role that design plays in making that happen.

CO/LAB, Torrance Art Museum
April 4, 2021 — May 16, 2021
Torrance Art Museum

Torrance Art Museum presents CO/LAB 5: An annual international, emerging artists collaborative project which presents 8 artist-run gallery/spaces in LA partnering with 8 artist-run spaces from around the world– 16 spaces create 8 curatorial projects.

The Other Art Fair Los Angeles
March 30, 2021 — April 4, 2021

FEMMEBIT to have a digital project space as a booth in the VR Fair space at the Los Angeles Virtual Edition on March 30 – April 4, 2021, where they can showcase work by a curate selection of their talented artists.

Other Skies: An Exoplanetary Festival
March 20, 2021 — May 1, 2021
New Art City

Recent scientific advancements—combined with our insatiable curiosity to probe the unknown—have rekindled our SciFi imaginations in the quest for the extraterrestrial. But what are the philosophical implications of these revelations? As these discoveries permeate popular culture, artists, thinkers, and scientists reflect and interpret their relevance. Can we envision new horizons for humanity away from imperialist and colonial perspectives? What unimagined life forms will be encountered? Can we imagine what it would be like to live beneath other skies?

January 22, 2021 — March 13, 2021
Angels Gate Cultural Center

Borderline explores the notion of the border – both as a metaphor for our lived experience and as a tool to undermine the certainty of the territories it defines. By occupying the in-between space that exists between two distinct conditions, we defiantly trespass into adjacent space, breakdown conventional barriers, and explore new territories. As a society, we continue to evolve from these transitional waves of uncertainty as part of the human experience.

January 16, 2021 — April 30, 2021
Ladies Room | Bendix Building

GARDEN, an exhibition of more than 100 women and non-binary artists that we are organizing at LADIES’ ROOM. 15% of all sales will be donated to benefit 3 urban garden and food organizations for the hungry in Los Angeles: LA Food Policy Council, Ron Finley Project, and Summaeverythang Community Center.

Extraction: Art at the Edge of the Abyss
January 1 - December 31, 2021
The CODEX Foundation

A global coalition of artists and creators committed to shining a light on all forms of extractive industry—from mining and drilling to the reckless plundering and exploitation of fresh water, fertile soil, timber, marine life, and innumerable other resources across the globe—the Extraction Project will culminate in a constellation of nearly fifty overlapping exhibitions, performances, installations, site-specific work, land art, street art, publications, poetry readings, and cross-media events throughout 2021 and beyond.

Art Miami
December 2 – December 20, 2020

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery is proud to announce that, in lieu of a physical event, the gallery’s presentation for ART MIAMI 2020 will be available for viewing and purchase online via the gallery’s website, as well as, Artsy – the largest and leading global online marketplace for fine art. Selected as one of 150+ premier galleries for the third consecutive year, the gallery will present recent works by 12 artists from its programme.