Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
November 14, 2020 — February 14, 2021
Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo

MOT Annual Highlights: A world of diverse, distinctive art expression featuring installations of a movement. The “now” of young artists active in Japan and abroad.

Inspiration in Isolation
November 4, 2020 — December 19, 2020
Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

Inspiration in Isolation features artwork from eighteen different local, national, and international artists working across a wide range of mediums including painting, assemblage, installation, sculpture, works on paper, and textile. What results is an exhibition that embodies different aspects of the human experience and generates a dialogue on how the human experience has been molded by current events.

Arctic Origins on Mars
November 1 - November 30 2020
International MoonBase Alliance

Screening of a series of videos reflecting on the ways we approach new frontiers in arctic territories relative to our approach to space exploration. Through a curated series of films, the works of various artists are projected on habitat walls during an analog space simulated mission on Mars.

Projecting Possibilities
September 19, 2020 — October 1, 2020
Helms Bakery District

Helms Bakery District in partnership with the Culver City Arts Foundation (CCAF), is launching #ProjectingPossibilities, a video installation featuring a new artist each week for fifty two weeks, an entire year of rotating digital art exhibitions to celebrate, nourish, support, and promote artists. This program is designed to cultivate creativity, encourage community connection, and introduce new voices through arts and culture.

Ars Electronica 2020
September 13, 2020, 11:00 AM
UCLA Art | Sci Center

In Kepler’s Gardens
A global journey mapping the ‘new’ world

A journey in which it is not we who set out to travel, but our ideas and projects, which span a global network in which we gather to discuss what needs to be done.

September 5, 2020, 8:00 PM
Bendix Building

A curated collection of Bendix Building art spaces will create a drive-through art show on the parking lot across from the building on Sept. 5, 2020. The one-night-only outdoor exhibition on the parking lot roof at 401 E. 12th St. will allow people to physically see art from the safety and comfort of their cars.

Phenomenology of Hope
August 8, 2020 — September 30, 2020

Phenomenology of Hope is a virtual reality exhibition that simulates a post-COVID-19 gallery experience. Alluding to the current environment of accelerating changes and global development sparked by the pandemic, protests, systemic reevaluation and the ongoing climate anxiety, the 42 artists in this exhibition respond to the crises with their own interpretations of the phenomenon of hope.

Artificial Ecologies
July 5, 2020 — August 31, 2020

How do our interventions on the landscape create new, altered, or artificial ecologies? How are we co-creating relationships with nature? Artificial Ecologies is a virtual exhibition: it is an architectural space that embodies systems of ecology that shift in scale and relate through macro/micro relationships.

Yuri’s Night, California Science Center [Virtual]
April 11, 2020 — April 12, 2020
California Science Center

Yuri’s Night celebrates all that makes us human and all that we bring with us as we explore the universe: art, music, science, and each other! Hundreds of locally-organized events are held worldwide around the anniversary of human spaceflight on April 12.

March 12, 2020 — March 14, 2020
The Vortex

CultureHub LA and SUPERCOLLIDER collaboratively host a conversation on interdisciplinary collaborations between artists and scientists. Members from both organizations’ communities will share their experiences and strategies in making and thinking in art and science, as well as the process of curation and bridging alliances with science + research initiatives.

February 14, 2020 — February 16, 2020
Skylight ROW DTLA

SUPERCOLLIDER X FEMMEBIT present Technosphere, a sci+art+tech multimedia exhibition responding to the theme In-Excess relative to consumption and waste in the modern world.

A Message to Space
January 18, 2020 — March 9, 2020

SUPERCOLLIDER launches its 2020 science inspired initiative with A Message to Space, a multimedia exhibition bringing diverse space themed artworks to Los Angeles.